Welcome to my website. The ‘work in progress’ has now progressed back to my 1999. This is as far as the letters/emails go back. I’m still having old negatives scanned so there will be more additions to the Portfolio section. So the project is complete. Of course it’s not.

I’ve listened and heard your suggestions, I’ve reversed the order of the letters so you can easily go down the list in the order they were written. I’ve also removed the annoying reflection from the ‘slideshow’ page and given it a white background. I’m open to suggestions for anything else, please feel free to contact me about any other improvements you’d like to see.

The plan is to compile all the emails and photos into this one site, dickkranzlernyc.com. At my original site, www.dickkranzler.com  I have constructed  a trimmed down version that will eventually include a live blog from my next trip, which at this point looks like Borneo.



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